Is it swarming?

So I went out to the hives today and saw this cluster on one of them.  Should I be worried?   Its 68 degrees out sunny and a bit windy  All help appreciated.  Thanks.


Since it is a beautiful day and not raining, I decided to paint the honey supers that I put together last week.  If you look at them, they are medium supers, a bit bigger than normal honey supers.  I went with mediums so I can extract more/ same amount of honey with less frames. Step … More Honey


Leap year!!!

It’s leap year and today is Feb 29th!!!!  A whole extra day for the year.  What are yalls plans? Today I think I am just going to get a few things done in the house and then go out and take care of the girls (bees).  It will be 71 degrees here and even though … More Leap year!!!


When I first started blogging, my purpose was to share what I was going through and give insight in keeping bees.  As I start into my second year of beekeeping I am now seeing that I need to read more about them and hear a few opinions from experienced beekeepers  on each question I ask,then … More Blogging

Busy bees!!!!

It has been a crazy winter so far.   Very mild and then boom, a cold snap. On the 15th the temperatures plummeted into the teens here in the Carolinas and we had an icy precipitation overnight.  All this was going on and I was inside hoping the bees were ok. (Newbee  here ) Good news … More Busy bees!!!!

And I am back!

I can’t believe how long it has been since I have posted.  Shame on me.  Anywho,  I am happy to get back into the swing of things.  I have been enjoying my canned products over the winter months.  I recently made a killer turkey and sausage chili with a jar of homemade pasta sauce.  On … More And I am back!

Sheep Wrangling!

Hey there y’all. Last night, I headed up to the in-laws where the task of the night was not only to back a livestock trailer up with expert precision with a margin of error being an inch or two to work with but to also get 5 sheep into said trailer. Now the easy part … More Sheep Wrangling!


Growing up in the 90’s  everyone was all over Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT)!!!! and now with the new movie out recently everyone still is which is awesome. Well waking up this morning and watering the garden, I saw this little fellow hanging out. The best part was I had my daughter tagging along (2 … More TURTLE POWER!!!!