Is it swarming?

So I went out to the hives today and saw this cluster on one of them.  Should I be worried?   Its 68 degrees out sunny and a bit windy  All help appreciated.  Thanks. Advertisements


Since it is a beautiful day and not raining, I decided to paint the honey supers that I put together last week.  If you look at them, they are medium supers, a bit bigger than normal honey supers.  I went with mediums so I can extract more/ same amount of honey with less frames. Step … More Honey

Leap year!!!

It’s leap year and today is Feb 29th!!!!  A whole extra day for the year.  What are yalls plans? Today I think I am just going to get a few things done in the house and then go out and take care of the girls (bees).  It will be 71 degrees here and even though … More Leap year!!!


When I first started blogging, my purpose was to share what I was going through and give insight in keeping bees.  As I start into my second year of beekeeping I am now seeing that I need to read more about them and hear a few opinions from experienced beekeepers  on each question I ask,then … More Blogging

Busy bees!!!!

It has been a crazy winter so far.   Very mild and then boom, a cold snap. On the 15th the temperatures plummeted into the teens here in the Carolinas and we had an icy precipitation overnight.  All this was going on and I was inside hoping the bees were ok. (Newbee  here ) Good news … More Busy bees!!!!

And I am back!

I can’t believe how long it has been since I have posted.  Shame on me.  Anywho,  I am happy to get back into the swing of things.  I have been enjoying my canned products over the winter months.  I recently made a killer turkey and sausage chili with a jar of homemade pasta sauce.  On … More And I am back!